The Corners

Friday, December 23, 2011

Should I stay or leave?

It’s Christmas times now. Everyone is busy with their own things and work and so do I. Today I just realize I whether still belong to this church or not because I felt i not been belong to anyone here. I still dun have a close friend to share my daily sorrows. I felt alone in serving in this church. I even felt I want to quit this program and go back to work in the secular world. I felt what I am here for. Alone, depress, not loved, not being socially attached to and much more thoughts running in my head. I felt like a child seeking for the love. Yet that love is still lost. Am I lost my love with God? It’s the first love is gone and I felt lost. There is a hole that always longing for love and care. I unable to love because I can’t see it. Have a lost my faith? Am I alone all the time? Why I still thinking those past that still haunted me because those rejection which makes me like a wonderer in every church. I am worth to serve. Am I serving man or God? I felt depress because I felt alone. Am I just simply selfish? I felt lost and dry. What am I doing here? Where am I Lord?


Anonymous said...

looks like I am not alone ... hahaha..

DEB96 said...

Mr.Rabbit, You are not lost. You just out of direction. When you found back your correct path of road. You will surely found back the love that you are logging for. I trust that God will lead you and get closer to you. You must belive and have a positive thought. Trust me. See you soon in Camp. That time, I want to see a new Mr.Rabbit !!!! =D